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Mortgage is a simply solution that allows realization of your current needs and goals when you have limited access to cash.

You already have a home and you would like to renovate it? How long will you still thinking about a new kitchen, massage tub or a brand new big TV that all the neighbors could envy? Remember when your wife was complaining about broken things? Today, you may forget about it!

You need to decide how you want to renovate your house and what is the most comfortable way to get the money. If you are planning a small repair or a little refreshing, the easiest way of financing will be cash loan. Quick and simple way for small amounts.
But if you are planning to invest more in the renovation you should consider the home equity loan.

Maybe you want to take your family to dream holiday trip? swim in the ocean with dolphins? See how the whole family is having a marvelous time on the beach? Or do you have any other unrealized plans? Mortgage is a perfect option for you! See how much you can gain!
  • You can allocate the money for any purpose you want to
  • We will adjust the repayment period to your individual needs
  • The amount of monthly payment will be safely fit into your budget

Home equity loan is basically a line of credit secured by your home. You do not need to borrow the entire amount of the equity on your home. Just need to repay the loan the same way as you did the original mortgage, by making monthly payments. You can have a home equity loan at the same time as your original house loan.

Don’t wait any longer! It is the right time to realize every of your plans with our mortgage Las Vegas or home equity loan Las Vegas!

Our clients speak

Deanna, age 54
About two months ago me and my husband wanted a little refreshment in our kitchen. We have a very old house. This was a gift from my grandmother for our wedding. We have done some renovation work but this was almost twenty years ago.
I’ve decided to take an online loan, because I didn’t want to waste time in lines. Friend told me about Las Vegas Loans Today and how he also take a loan from them. I’ve visited the page and filled application.

We’ve received the money on the same day! I couldn’t believe that. My husband too. We chose our new furniture and like twenty years ago we have done all renovation by ourselves. It looks perfect now. Our children also are in love with our work.
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Aaron, age 58
I am very glad that there are such of institutions, where you can borrow money with a reasonable price. I’m not that young and once I had a lot of troubles with finding a job. Nothing is for free, so I needed money for living and for my medications.
My son told me about Las Vegas Loans Today and helped me with application. He told me that when he was in need, he also took a quick loan. I have decided to took a home equity loan and that was also what a young man from customer service advise me. Good communication and fair interest rate. I am during of repaying my loan now and I don’t regret my decision.
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Olivia, age 37
I am a freelancer graphic designer and sometimes I don’t have much work. One day, when I have a lot work to do my computer just stopped working. I called my friend who is the computer geek and he told me that the easiest, the cheapest and the fastest way will be buying a new computer.
So I needed some extra money for a new computer. I had to finish this projects. He also told me about online money lending and show Las Vegas Today Loans. I filled an online application and I waited to the answer which comes very quickly. I didn’t expect that. Customer service was very professional, and mortgage is reasonably flexible.
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Rachel, age 48
I am a loyal customer of Las Vegas Loans Today and I must say this company is great! Always there to help me get out of a jam and the funds are always available on time. It may cost a little but when I have been in a bind where I needed that extra help and had nowhere else to turn, Las Vegas Loans Today was there!
I couldn't be more pleased with the convenience and the service that comes with this particular company. It's easy to apply and then you are granted accessibility to an awesome and knowledgeable staff! Questions are always answered as quickly as possible! I will definitely consider another loan in the future.
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