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Whenever you are interested in buying a house in development or a building one for yourself we offer you a construction loan. For how long did you wonder what it’s like to live in a beautiful, newly built house? You are tired in your small apartment while your friends live in the suburbs? You don’t like your neighbors? If you answer positively to all of this questions, we have a deal you cannot throw away. Build yourself a house!

The decision about buying or building new house is a big change in everybody’s life. If you have been thinking about buying or building your dream home, it could be one of the most exciting and rewarding projects you'll ever undertake. And we have got the best home financing options available on the market. We will support you, no matter at which stage of the purchase of real estate you are. Building a new home is stressful enough, so we want our construction loan makes financing easy and pleasant for you. Our advantage are quick decisions and customer satisfaction.
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Construction loan Las Vegas

is a first step to have your own “home sweet home”. We are here to help make your dreams come true. The construction loan may cover the cost of land purchase as well as the full cost of building a house. What is the process for financing a newly built home?

Estimate your budget:
  • Check your credit score and see what real estate you can afford.
  • Match your installment to your monthly budget.
  • Prepare an estimate cost of your construction. We will verify it and on this information’s we will calculate the loan amount. If you don’t have it, our adviser will help you to prepare it.

Complete our short form application and let us contact you to discuss the terms. After that you will receive the answer and your loan. You will be able to start your construction. Last step? Moving in. Your construction and financing are now complete. Congratulations and best wishes on your new home. Do not forget to invite your friends to the housewarming!

If you would like more information concerning construction loans Las Vegas, do not hesitate to contact us. Save your time and money. Let us take care of all paperwork. 

Our clients speak

Ronald, age 51
A few months ago me and my wife were building a new house. Beautiful, little with a small garden behind, just for two of us. The project of our new house made our daughter, she’s an architect. We were in love with that project, but it wasn’t all.
My wife wanted to put gazebo in a backyard but we didn’t have money for that. We were saving money for that purpose for a very long time, but I couldn’t say no to my lovely wife. So we took a home equity loan and now we both can relax in the garden.

I just can’t stop looking at my wife’s smile while she reads a book and drinking tea in this beautiful wooden gazebo. Las Vegas Loans Today help us make the dreams come true. Thank you so much!
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Lawrence, age 38
Last summer, with my wife, we were expecting a second child. We’ve already have a small apartment, but it was to small even for three of us. We were thinking about changing our flat to bigger one a few times but we couldn’t afford it.
We still needed to buy some stuff for unborn baby so a new flat? Never. But someone very wise once said, never say never. So we started to looking for a loan. We talked with our friends and family and they advised us to try online construction loans and build a house. We have never even dreamed about a house, but we thought why not? We have searched the Internet and we’ve found a perfect match.

Construction loan offer on the Las Vegas Loans Today was matched to our needs and all circumstances. We were so happy that we could started a new life with a brand new house. We sold our old flat and move in to beautiful house on the suburbs thanks to construction loan.
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Patricia, age 44
I just get divorced and I was left with nothing. No place to live and with bad credit history because of my ex-husband. I rent a flat with my two sons but it was too small for three of us. We were thinking about rent a house but the prices was so huge. We couldn’t afford that much. Every day we were talking about our situation and what we can do.
I didn’t want my sons to full-time work because they were in a high school then. One day I was searching the Internet and looking for a houses for rent when the commercial about online cash lending showed up. I always thought that this is a big lie and I never wanted to take a loan. But in our situation? I started to reading about construction loans and I figured that it is not such a bad idea.

I told my boys about that and they agreed with me. We called Las Vegas Loans Today and after long conversation we’ve decided to take a loan and build the house. Monthly payments weren’t that high as I thought and we all are so happy now in our new house.
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Cassidy, age 32
From now and forever I am your biggest fan. Las Vegas Loans Today I am very impressed with your services. Not long time ago I was in a very big need. I was building a house. Alone. I always want to be independent woman so I decided to do it by myself.
Maybe not all, but quite a few. At one time I realized that I spent too much money for fancy windows and other unnecessary things and I can’t afford finishing house of my dreams. I was so depressed. But on the web I’ve found Las Vegas Loans Today.

I applied online and few minutes after the customer service called me. The customer service rep was very patient with me and made sure that I fully understood my payments, interest, fees and exactly how my payments are dispersed. And it was truly great!
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Don’t worry if others denied your credit application and your investments are standing under question mark! If you have an interesting ideas and you do not have the funds - fill our short application and get your construction loan!

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