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You will get a quick loan approval decision. Remember, we keep your personal information completely confidential.
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Benefits of Payday Loans in Las Vegas

Using is 100% legal and free – we do not charge any fees for the services. Save your time and trust our experience. All you have to do is provide us with basic information and we will find you the loan that meets your needs. Our company will give you the financial aid without any paperwork. Apply now!

Online payday loan can offer you quick access to money to use with no restrictions on how you can use the funds. Imagine your car has broken down and you cannot get to work resulting in loss of income or even loss of your job. Now imagine you do not have a good relationship with a bank which will allow you to get an instant loan or overdraft. What should you do? Online loan is just the best solution!

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When you apply for a payday loan in Las Vegas through, you can complete the application in less than 10 minutes! You just need to provide us with some basic income, personal and banking information. When you need a fast online loan, a payday advance from may be a good idea. We make it easy for you to apply at one of our locations nationwide. Remember, we keep your personal information completely confidential. Get the cash you need!

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Loan amount: $600
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Loan period: 28 days
daily payment$33per day
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Payday loans for Any Immediate Needs

We offer large choice of credits. Payday loans are a very popular type of credit. Taking into consideration the fact that these loans do not involve any credit checks and they are granted on the basis of the presence of income source proof, much grater number of borrowers can apply for them and get some kind of a financial help when they need it really fast and without delays.

If you are interested in different type of loans, please check our website and have a look at: mortgage, small business loan, short-term loan, student loan, home equity loan, construction loan, car loan and many more.

All of the credits are available online. If you have any questions concerning any of above-named credit options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our clients speak

Garry, age 22
A payday loan can help you get money in a hurry to deal with a variety of scenarios. I wanted to buy my mom a birthday present but I was completely broke. I have a temporary work in a grocery store so I do not make a lot of money and also I was before my paycheck.
My mom is alone because my father died when I was very young so I wanted to make her happy. Few days I was thinking about how I can get some extra money, but I didn’t have much time. I saw an advertise about online money lending when I was looking for a job offers on the Internet and I visit a Las Vegas Loans Today site.

I filled an application and I have get my extra money! I bought my mom beautiful earrings and she was very very happy. The repayment was not that big so I didn’t need to find another job and I could afford it from my paycheck from grocery store.
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Linda, age 32
Las Vegas Loans Today is one of the best options if you need a fast payday loan. If you are facing crucial financial situations like me and you don’t have enough time for the banks long traditional monotonous process, then the best alternative for you is Las Vegas Loans Today.
They understand that life can get complicated at the worst of times. Fortunately, I have found them right on time. Unlike most loans, no credit check is required. That’s good news if you’re trying to apply for a payday loan with poor or no credit like me!

I could use my payday loan to pay off some unforeseen bills, rent, and get through a rough patch. Thank you so much Las Vegas Loans Today!
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Alan, age 39
I needed cash to pay my bills. Las Vegas Loans Today gave me a loan quickly. I couldn't believe that the loan would cost so little in interest. This is the message for all those needing a payday loan, this company provides the loan minus any of the hidden gimmicks others hide.
Helpful in offering alternative solutions. Their customer service staff is top notch, courteous, efficient and professional at all times. I paid my loan a couple of days before the due date, and with the assistance of an on-line representative, the process was both smooth and quick.

I highly recommend Las Vegas Loans Today for your short term financial needs. A "Well Done" goes to all of your staff who helped me with my loan.
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Brandon, age 51
I was able to apply for a small loan and get the money within 24 hours. The staff was friendly and able to help me any time I need. I would definitely use their services again. Las Vegas Loans Today has been the most ethical payday loan company I've ever had the privilege of doing business with.
They are always professional, compassionate and thorough. They are the true definition of what this type of company was designed to be. All should take lessons from Las Vegas Loans Today!

I was treated courteously, quickly, and without any annoying questions. Thank you so much Las Vegas Loans Today!
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Rebecca, age 29
I needed some cash for gas and food for the house to make it through to my next paycheck. This was really fast and easy. I applied, went to bed, and woke up with money in my account and was able to get gas and make it to work. Paying it back was easy.
If you need a quick and efficient loan but you don't want to go stand in line with a handful of paperwork at a payday loan location, Las Vegas Loans Today service is the best way to go. There is a very quick processing time for payments. All-in-all a great experience! Thank you so much for that!

Las Vegas Loans Today was the perfect backup when I had a surprise emergency expense. Their customer service is always helpful if you have issues or questions, and the money is deposited next day!
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Sophie, age 33
I applied few months ago and not really expecting to get approved. But I did and I have been using them to all my payday loan needs. The process is simple and they send frequent promo codes to save on loan fees. As long as you pay your loan off on time your allowed borrowed amount increases... It's awesome!
Very professional, understanding, they were able to adjust my due dates due to my unemployment situation. Not many companies are understanding and sympathetic to their customers these days. This company was there for me in my darkest hour. Las Vegas Loans Today is very easy to work with if you are in a bind for cash. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Reasons Why Payday Loans Are Easy To Get

Payday loans and online short-term loans are simple, quick and hassle-free. If you are searching for best loan online, trust our company's long experienced experts. We can help you to solve your financial problem with just a few clicks because our online loans are same-day. Our Customer Care will help you choose the best credit option you will not regret your decision.
Approval is instant and you can get your money without any delays. Refusals are very rare and bad credit does not influence the final decision.

More Payday Loans Information

Online payday loans are easily the most popular type of small short-term loans. They are offered broadly around the states and you can apply for them online. Generally, such loans are offered for the short period of time and lenders do not carry out any serious background checks. This is one of the main reasons for popularity among customers. If you need a little extra money, try our simple online application. We offer clearly defined fees terms, and simple short-term rates. Apply now!

Las Vegas Attractions

Every year, a millions of tourists visit Las Vegas. And how can we be surprised about that? The City that never sleeps is offering a lot of attractions that no one is able to resist. Everybody wants to try a little bit of gambling, luxury and the night life. Let yourself be carried by the adventure that Las Vegas is offering you!
But sometimes it is difficult to just go anywhere. You have bills to pay, family to feed or something else to spend your money. And there we are. We can help with your financial needs just because we want you to be happy! With our loans you will be able to make all of your wishes come true. You just need to visit our website, fill online application and enjoy the money. We are a trustful company that provides quick and efficient service to people needing loans. Save your time and trust our experience.
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Undisputed king of entertainment, gambling, good taste and exquisite style.

Magnificent, luxury, wonderful, inspired by lake town in Italy. If you ever watched Ocean’s eleven you had to think about being there. One of the greatest hotel and casino in Las Vegas will impress you from first step at the hall and we are sure you fall in love at first sight.
Bellagio is famed for its elegance, so that is why every lady and gentleman are welcome here. One of the main attractions of the complex (and in whole Las Vegas) are famous Fountains of Bellagio, which is a huge fountain synchronized to music. Over the years they have become one of the most recognizable symbols of Las Vegas. The Bellagio complex also includes a beautiful botanical gardens. Their decor and exhibitions change five times a year and reflects the current season (winter, Chinese New Year, spring, summer and autumn).

But what about gambling? In Las Vegas you may find casino wherever you take a look, but if you come to Bellagio you will see what the real poker means. Many professional poker players prefer to play at the Las Vegas Bellagio poker room, calling it their home base. Bellagio has also partnered with the World Poker Tour to host several of their tournaments. You can also be a part of it. You just need to visit Las Vegas and let the game begin!
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Treasure Island
you are going to an unforgettable adventure!

In the heart of Las Vegas, located in the middle of the desert state of Nevada, surrounded by the blue waters of the exotic lagoon we see the Treasure Island hotel. From the palm grove surrounding the hotel and casino, comes the sounds of exotic birds and the cool waters of lagoon. Tempting every tourist who needs to struggle with more than 35-degree desert heat in Las Vegas.
Although Nevada is one of the driest states in the United States engineers have created an exotic oasis of greenery. They take care of all details. At the northern side of the rocky coast we can see enormous Spanish Galleon, gently rocking on the waves. From the nearby palm grove are coming real sounds of tropical nature. If you close your eyes, only for a moment, each of us could have sworn that we are somewhere on one of the tropical islands of the Caribbean. Can you imagine something like this in Las Vegas?

When the sun’s coming to the west, and the sky above Las Vegas slowly getting dark, the Spanish Galleon goes to its daily cruise. Once again challenging the beautiful Sirens living at the nearby town, carved into the rock. Every day, “Sirens of TI”, that how is called this performance, gathers crowds of viewers, seeking an unforgettable experience. An epic tale of pirates and mermaids is the most spectacular activity is still attracting new Las Vegas tourists. Presentation is set on an artificial island just outside the hotel, three times a day. Don’t you want to see that by your own? Start a pirate adventure and get aboard today!
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The Venatian

A giant replica of the greatest monuments of the Italian Venice. We must say that it makes actually a big impression. Can you imagine that in the middle of desert in Nevada, you will be able to swim almost authentic Venetian gondola among looking like a real Venetian water channels? All located on … wait for it … SECOND FLOOR of the hotel! Such things can be found only in Las Vegas!
No wonder that The Venetian is awarded by the prize as the one of the most luxurious and fantastic hotel in the world.

Also if you are the night club lover The Venetian can offer you one of the best night club in the United States. Inside this night club you can find amazing 20 foot tall Buddha statue, private “sky boxes” with mini-bars, gorgeous infinity edge pool stocked with koi and a 40 foot long terrace with views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Don’t you want to see the place where charming Milla Jovovich was fighting zombies in Resident Evil? Or where LMFAO was shooting his video clip? Don’t tell me that you did not watch CSI Las Vegas and you do not remember the theme video? If we did not convince you to come to Las Vegas and see ale those amazing things, there we don’t know who or what could do it! So? What is going to be?
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Skydiving in Las Vegas
your greatest adventure!

Have you ever imagined you could just jump out of a plane and fly? We have. Las Vegas has a lot to offer, but we bet that you did not know about skydiving! This is the only chance you can see from the bird’s eye view the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado river, Las Vegas Strip and so much more. So are you ready for the ride of your life?
You are bored sitting at home and watch much boring TV programs? Looking for the once in a lifetime adventure? Have you ever imagined you could just jump out of a plane and fly? We have. Las Vegas is not only the casinos, hotels and night life. We propose you to try something else you also may fall in love with. Las Vegas has a lot to offer, but we bet that you did not know about skydiving! So if you want to get your adrenaline pumping this is the activity you should try.

Enjoy incredible views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado river, Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon and so much more! This view makes for a beautiful backdrop for pictures and video of your experience. It is the right time to get ready for the most extraordinary ride of your life! This is the most thrilling thing to do in Las Vegas so what are you waiting for? Feel the sensation of weightless flight at speeds approaching 140 MPH! So are you ready for the ride of your life?
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Dig this!
heavy equipment playground

You know you've always wanted to play on the huge equipment you see on construction sites. Create a memory that will last a lifetime! It’s the ultimate Las Vegas experience for everyone. This is one of the best places where you can bring your whole family. Do not wait and feel like a child again!
It is known that adults also like to play like children does. So if you've always wanted to play on the huge equipment you see on construction sites this is exactly what you need to do! Create a memory that will last a lifetime!

It’s the ultimate Las Vegas experience for everyone. You can choose between bulldozers or excavators and then dig trenches, build mounds, teeter-totter over a mega mound, move and stack 2,000-pound tires, even play 'Bucket Basketball' in this life-size sandbox! Isn’t it sounds great? Turn the fantasy of operating heavy machinery into a fun-filled reality event with a visit to Dig This Las Vegas. Talk with an expert instructor via headset to get working like a champ. Finally, take home a certificate of completion to show off to friends and family. All necessary safety equipment provided. This is really something truly unique to do in Las Vegas.

We can assure you that this is one of the best ideas for birthday present or weekend trip with your best friends. You will not be disappointed!
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Wedding in Las Vegas
moment of your dreams

Las Vegas is the place where there are no limits, and weddings are no exception. Tie the knot in a helicopter. Have Elvis officiate your ceremony. Be the only person you know to get married at one of most popular fast food restaurants. Dive into marriage underwater. It’s your wedding, whether it’s spur-of-the-moment or the day you’ve been dreaming of forever Las Vegas can make it better than you ever imagined.
Is your dream wedding in Las Vegas romantic and traditional, or maybe you are looking for a unique, fantasy themed ceremony that expresses who you are as a couple? Maybe your idea of the perfect Las Vegas wedding is one that includes fun-filled vows with Elvis.

No matter how you choose to tie the knot, Las Vegas wedding chapels has the perfect wedding package for you! We don't think you will have trouble convincing your loved ones to make the trip to Las Vegas. Here's to unconventional weddings. Here's to unforgettable memories. And here's to the happiness. In Las Vegas you can get married without months and months of planning. That's why so many couples prefer the simplicity of a romantic Las Vegas ceremony.

Set your ceremony in the unique ambiance of one of Las Vegas beautiful wedding locations. Find a perfect little wedding chapel, and a tuxedo or wedding dress too and visit Las Vegas to get married!
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